Jardin Nocturne Parfum | 0.5oz


Sensual, seductive, warm and terribly addictive!

Jardin Nocturne was inspired by a night garden filled with night blooming flowers, ponds, waterfalls, fountains, winding paths, discreet garden benches where lovers meet under the stars. The night air of Dubai, the warm desert air scented with Oudh that ceremoniously burns and mingles with the blooming night flowers... 

Shalini: "Jardin Nocturne captures the essence of the fragrant night... earthy, sensual and inviting. Mingling lightness with darkness - femininity with masculinity."

Master perfumer Maurice Roucel combines saffron and natural oudh with jasmin blossom oil of the highest quality and the effect is stunning. 

About the ingredients:
Oudh, referred to as black gold in the Middle East, one of the rarest and most opulent of materials in perfumery.
The jasmin blossom oil stimulates the feeling of harmony and optimism.
Saffron, sensual, leathery, opulent, brings its golden quintessential quality to the perfume.

Cafleurebon: "Jardin Nocturne opens with the finest cool and sleek jasmine scented wind, what you might smell as you career through the cutting edge architectural high-rises of downtown Dubai in a state-of-the-art 2017 Mercedes S-class convertible; the top down, the warm scented wind blowing through your hair, as you head out into the open desert awash in the quicksilver Mercury-colored light of a full moon. As the breezy scent of the night blooming Jasmine Absolute slowly softens, the heart and very soul of Jardin Nocturne comes through; the most exquisitely blended oud and sandalwood."

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