Shalini Parfums Sample Set

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This very special box contains all six of the stunning

SHALINI PARFUM - Is an opulent bouquet of White Flowers; Tuberose, Neroli and Tiare. This precious fragrance invokes an intoxicating femanisensuality.

JARDIN NOCTURNE PARFUM - Captures the essence of the fragrant night… earthy, sensual and inviting with the scent of blooming. Driving during the night in the city with the stars above, the warm desert air scented with the Oud that ceremoniously burns, caresses your skin.

AMOREM ROSE PARFUM - Is the most opulent rose parfum with a light element of smoke. The smoke brings a sense of mystery and intrigue reminiscent of a great love… the love that touches your soul deeply and alters your very being.

PARADIS PROVENCE PARFUM - The essence of the beautiful summer days of Provence. A solar composition of Lavande Absolut, Thyme and Orange Blossoms that will leave you in a state of deep relaxation.

IRIS LUMIÈRE PARFUM - A luminous Parfum, like the moonlight bathing and caressing in a mysterious way. Meadows of Royal irises clothed in regal purpura-blue; rising above the moist soil reflecting the silvery moon - are luxurious gifts from the heavens. The King is in the field – calling His beloved - swaying in silvery breezes whispers of love and passion. 

VANILLE RÊVE PARFUM - Captures the alluring sweetness of desire and ineffable dreams without limits.  The parfum is an embracing composition of warm sensual Vanilla Absolut, aromatic Anise, voluptuous Tuberose, Jasmin and the Tahitian Gardenia - Tiare blossoms. 


Discover and enjoy these beautiful scents!
Pure Parfum each in a 1ml sample vial with a stopper.
PERFUMER: Maurice Roucel
Handmade black box with gold ink and custom SHALINI PARFUM ribbon.
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