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Is the Neverabore fragrance catalogue for women or men?

Neverabore believes that fragrance doesn't carry a gender, so our scents fall joyfully under the category of “unisex.” Time and again, our clients gravitate towards a fragrance whose olfactive family groups resonate on a sensory and existential level. Why binarize such a freeing experience?

Are the fragrances in the Neverabore collection all natural or they synthetic-based?

Perfume has evolved in leaps and bounds thanks to science.

Spoiler alert: most of the brands we carry (not to mention higher-end perfumes at large) combine natural ingredients and syntethic molecules. All-natural scents and beauty products are the exception, not the rule. That being said, all synthetic and natural ingredients used in Neverabore’s perfumery collection undergo extensive testing for safety and allergenic potential. We recommend that clients with known sensitivities patch test our scents before purchasing them. Even those who relish the thrill of a “blind buy” might consider trying a sample of the bought item before unwrapping it, and we’re happy to provide that test vial.

What is the difference between a commercial fragrance and a “niche” fragrance?

Niche fragrances are created like fine wines. They’re given time, thought and careful cultivation to reach the full measure of their potential. Their ingredients are normally macerated and matured, unless the creator in question chooses a minimized process out of aesthetic preference for certain types of scent freshness. The choicest perfumes are macerated for a time frame of 4 to 6 weeks, which ensures consistency and superior quantity. 

On the other hand, the majority of commercial fragrances are bottled immediately after the formula is created, with no regard to the maceration process. This hurried approach compromises the fidelity of the scent and accounts for why lesser quality perfumes tend to smell so different on one wearer to the next.

What is the difference between “eau de parfum”, “ eau de toilette” and “cologne?”

The “eau de” refers to concentration volume used in the composition of a fragrance. This is established in accordance with the perfumer’s intentions and even the brand’s overarching scent style. Here is rough guideline to understanding fragrance concentration:

 Eau de cologne : Cologne is the abbreviation of eau de cologne and is derived from the French name for the city of Köln where many of the first great European fragrances where created with a small volume of fragrance concentration. This category normally has a concentration volume of 2-6% and is normally applied with a splash to impart fresh, citrusy elements. Neverabore doesn’t currently carry any colognes, but we’d be remiss not to include this category as the term overs a vital part of perfume’s history and is so much more than just “a scent for men,” as it is often dismissed to be.

Eau de toilette : The lighter concentration of an Eau de Toilette (EDP) typically develops with a fresh citrus opening, inviting you to spray it at leisure on any part of the body or clothing without concern of overwhelming the senses. This category typically falls within 4-10% of concentration volume, and it’s staying power may differ on skin from person to person.

 Eau de parfum : The volume of concentration in this category is most common to the fragrance industry, owing to it’s longer-term wearability.  Ordinarily falling between 10-25%, its intensity allows such a fragrance to last longer on the skin. 

 Parfum/ extrait: The purest essence of a scent, an extrait (extract), has not been diluted and tends to fetch a pretty penny on the fragrance market. Parfum lingers for hours if not days, and since a little goes a long way, it’s likely to come packaged in a “stopper bottle” rather than an atomizer, since spraying such a precious and potent substance would be unnecessary. The concentration of this category usually weighs in at 20-45% of its formula. 


Will I receive free samples with my order?

We cherish your patronage and share your passion for perfumes! Stock and supply pending, we’ll include up to 2 different samples in your order based on your purchase (or any notes you may include during check out).

How can I find my next signature scent with you?

We recommend using the Neverabore search feature to explore the raw materials that call out to you, personally. Simply by typing in “rose” you’ll open the digital floodgates to all our scents relevant to that one desired note. If you can’t seem to narrow it down, don’t be a stranger! Contact us for personal guidance. It’s an honor to join you on your fragrance journey!

A word from the founder:

Perfume is a silent, magical language that speaks in volumes. Even just in passing, it can convey volumes without a single word. —Jose M Osorio