Due to a unforeseen family emergency the fulfillment and shipping of orders might be a bit delay.
Dates from April 15th to May 15th
Thank you for your Support and understanding.
Neverabore Team

All shipments will be dropped off on workdays during operational carrier hours, with rare exceptions of weekend deliveries under exceptional conditions to be determined by Neverabore. 

  Items purchased will be delivered to the address entered by Client at the time of their order within 24-72 hours from transmission of email receipt or order acceptance to Client by Neverabore. 

 Orders will be transported by the Neverabore’s chosen postal carriers and are typically delivered 2 to 5 work days from order placement to a US address, or a maximum of 4 weeks should the order be made to a foreign address. 

 All orders placed will be sent off with 24 hours of online purchase completion. 

 In any instance of loss or delay, please contact Neverabore’s staff at: Neverabore@neverabore.com

Unless expressed otherwise, couriers employed by Neverabore cannot be expected to make product deliveries at a specific date or time. In case of recipient’s absence, notice will be left for a second attempt, but if that second attempt is unsuccessful the items will be returned to Neverabore. It is recommended that Clients include their phone contact with their online order in order to better inform them of such a scenario. 

 All Neverabore items bought online can be delivered throughout America, France and any other nation services by our curriers, but transport fees often vary depending on the volume, size and weight of goods from country to country. Clients will be made of aware of such tariffs upon completion of their order. 

 Neverabore is not held accountable for loss or delay of any package between shipment center and final destination. We recommend that you select a delivery address that is secure to the best of your knowledge. 

 Upon issuance of a given order, Client agrees that said product or products may arrive in multiple deliveries. Should a delivery be unsuccessful as a result of faulty address, repeated client absence, refusal of an undamaged shipment or incorrect telephone contact given, Neverabore will not reimburse said client. 

 Excluding delivery, customs tariffs and return expenses, reimbursement will only take place under the contrition that an order, in full and intact, is returned to Neverabore.

 Please note that all Clients will be held fully accountable for due diligence and determination surrounding their countries’ customs release process and any incoming parcel protocols enforced. Clients must communicate with any local tax offices or customs headquarters to take responsibility for their own payment all pertinent fees, duties, taxes and tariffs.

 Neverabore encourages Clients to check for the correct quantity of products (in accordance with delivery docket) are present at the time of delivery, and that the packaging is unaltered and undamaged following transportation by courier.

 Should a shipment be broken, lost or delayed, clients must upon delivery write an accurate and full description of any issues on the delivery docket or slip (which should be signed by the client and delivery person before being returned to the courier - ideally, take a photo with your phone of the completed docket for safekeeping) and then take up those problems with the courier or carrier company itself within three days of the delivery being made.  Neverabore also encourages Clients to reach out to Neverabore@neverabore.com so that we are made aware of the carrier services we have chosen are wanting in any way. 

 Without any sort of reserve, the acceptance of a Neverabore shipment that has been tampered with or is otherwise problematic will not be made known to us through the necessary channels (as stated above).SHIPPING POLICY