Baies Majestic Artisanal French - Fragrance Candle


Embark on a whimsical escapade, With a fragrance masterpiece, expertly made. Layers upon layers, a sensory delight, A journey to a realm where dreams take flight.

At the pinnacle, behold the bright brigade, Orange, raspberry, apple, currant, and peach cascade. A symphony of scents, refreshing and bold, Awakening your senses, an uplifting threshold.

Venture deeper, where passion's fire ignites, Cinnamon, strawberry, and pear unite. A playful dance of seduction and allure, Grounded yet elevated, a fragrance so pure.

But wait, the soul unveils its opulent treasure, A blend of vanilla and brown sugar's measure. Luxury unfurls, like a velvet caress, Comfort and invitation, a lasting embrace.

This fragrance opus, a blissful retreat, For those who seek indulgence, both subtle and sweet. Capturing playful beauty, it's an olfactory spree, A testament to craftsmanship, a pampering spree.

Immerse yourself in this fragrant affair, To a world of pure delight, it will transport you there. Let it pamper and spoil, leave you in awe, A sensory symphony, leaving a lasting awe.