Bergamote Deux Artisanal French - Fragrance Candle


Enter Bergamote Deux, a coastal journey untold, Where Italy's breeze whispers stories of old. Sweet and fruity notes, with a hint of spice, A harmonized blend, citrusy and nice.

Unisex and light, it floats in the air, Lifting spirits, evoking calm and care. Layers unfold, a symphony of scents, Bergamot and lime dance in vibrant ascent.

Lemon, orange, oregano, a citrus embrace, In the heart, a blend that paints grace. The fresh accord, the fragrance's soul, A breath of invigoration, an ethereal stroll.

Pair it with Old Celestial or Baies Majestic, an olfactory command. Let scented candles mingle, create a new blend, A fragrance family, uniquely yours to transcend.