Chocolate Greedy | Eau de Parfum


Chocolate Greedy is a mouth-watering ode to delectable creaminess, a luscious, rich ganache of incredible scrumptiousness. The middle stage has an attractive hint of powdering that makes us think of the highest-quality cocoa generously sprinkled on very expensive truffles with a subtle undertone of bitter orange. The chocolate creaminess turns the dry down of Chocolate Greedy into an exquisitely, subtly gourmand skin scent, delicate, enveloping and very sensual.

  • Top Notes : Cacao, Vanilla 
  • Middle Notes : Cardamon, Tonka Beans, Coffee
  • Base Notes : Dry Fruits, Bitter Orange
  • Created : 2007
  • Perfumer : Pierre Montale
  • Olfactive Group : Amber Vanilla 
  • Style : Unisex