Couleurs D'automne Artisanal French - Fragrance Candle | Seasonal Edition


A fragrant tapestry, meticulously woven, A symphony of scents, a treasure trove chosen. Fruits and woods entwined, sweetness unfurls, An opulent blend, intoxicating swirls.

Spice's dash, allure with warmth imbued, A voyage for senses, an enduring mood. Luxe aroma, a soul's delectation, A mosaic of dreams, captivating creation.

Bold raspberries and currants, vibrant and strong, Their harmonious dance, a mesmerizing throng. Bergamot's burst, a citric breeze so crisp, Reviving and fresh, a rejuvenating twist.

Orange and apple, a fruity carousel, Whispering tales, enchanting to tell. Cedar's embrace, earthiness profound, Grounding and tight, a tranquil surround.

Cashmere and vanilla, a comforting shroud, A velvety caress, a comforting cloud. Musk's mystique, hints of secrets untold, An alluring whisper, captivatingly bold.

Perfect balance struck, a harmonious blend, Flavors mingling, transcendent transcend. A poetic symphony, each note a verse, Savor the senses, an aromatic universe.