Fig Blossom Artisanal French - Fragrance Candle


In a world of bliss, this fragrance takes flight, Layers unfolding, captivating with delight. Fig leaves and green rhubarb, crisp and bright, Petitgrain's invigorating touch, a fresh respite.

In the heart, bold cedarwood steals the show, Fig milk's creamy embrace, a story to bestow. A scent that stirs the soul, deep and profound, A comforting warmth, joy in every ounce.

And as the fragrance lingers, tonka bean takes hold, A base note of luxury, a sensual trail unfolds. A world of refined beauty, secrets it does keep, A precious allure, captivating and deep.

Escape to this fragrance, a journey untold, Complex and sophisticated, nature's beauty behold. Invigorate or find tranquility's peace, In layers of olfactory bliss, let your senses release.