Hermann a Mes Cotes Me Paraissait Une Ombré | Eau de Parfum


Who accompanies you into a forest on the darkest night ? 

Victor Hugo’s poem, «À quoi songeaient les deux cavaliers dans la forêt », (What Two Horsemen Were Thinking of in the Forest) recalls how, “by my side, Hermann seemed to me like a shadow. 

No one, no matter how dark the forest, travels altogether without a shadow. The shade we cast, both literal and figurative, is at times an imaginary companion, at times the soft voice on your shoulder telling you right from wrong, your spirit, your self image. What is your shadow’s name? Is it gendered? Fluid? Wild? Obedient? Transgressive? Defiant? Have you thanked it yet for staying by your side through thick and thin? What aroma does it leave in its wake? 

He looks ahead : I Iook back, 
Our horses gallop across the clearing ; 
The wind brinI gs to us from far away the sound of the angelus bell ...
Because the night caresses them with soft flames...
And I say to him, “ Be quiet! Respect the black mystery !
  • Top Notes : Geosmin, Musk, Frankincense, Pepperwood
  • Middle Notes : Petalia, Rose, Amber
  • Base Notes : Sandalwood, Patchouli, Ambroxan 
  • Created : 2015
  • Olfactive Family : Woody
  • Style : Unisex