Jasmin Absolute Artisanal French Fragrance Candle


From slumbering blooms that keep their scent concealed, Timid jasmine buds, their fragrance yet unrevealed. But when sunlight fades, they release their secret delight, To every roaming breeze, on wings of the night.

Atop this fragrance, ylang-ylang and rose water bloom, A fresh and invigorating note, dispelling any gloom. Awakening senses, revitalizing with each breath, A burst of refreshment, as vibrant as life's breadth.

Within the heart, jasmine and orange flower intertwine, A complex blend, a floral symphony so fine. Grounding and uplifting, their harmonious accord, Instilling confidence and grace, a floral reward.

At last, the base reveals its luxurious embrace, Vetiver and musk, in a sensual chase. Deep and inviting, warmth imbued in each trace, A comforting envelopment, relaxation's embrace.

This fragrance, a journey of scented delight, Unveiling the secrets of nature's precious flight. Wrapped in its allure, you'll find contentment's retreat, As fragrance and emotions harmoniously meet.