Collonges-La-Rouge Elixir Oud | Facial Oil



Restructure. Smooth. Transform.

  • Oud + French Red Narcissus redefine skin’s youth.

  • Builds 46% more collagen in 3 days*.

  • Skin appears 91% firmer and 72% more sculpted**.

  • Velvety finish.


Plant Actives: 2% lupeol, 1% tocotrienol, 1% bakuchiol.

Targets: elasticity, firmness, density, lift, moisture.

Good For: all signs of age + collagen loss & collagen fragility.

Skin Types: all


30 ml, 1 FL. OZ.


Red like the sandstone village of France known for its superior architecture, this firming oil restructures the delicate contours of the face by building new, stronger collagen in the skin.  Oud resin with narcissus, gardenia and tuberose flowers smooth, tone, and tighten the look of skin while visibly correcting sallowness. In 3 days, 46% more collagen is built*. With use, skin regains its elasticity — appearing 91% firmer, 76% smoother, and 72% more redefined**.

Rich, velvety finish.

*In vitro evaluation of type 1 collagen synthesis after 3 days
**Clinical evaluation of 25 volunteers after 89 days


  • Thai Oud resin protects skin from toxicity, repairs DNA damage, and regenerates healthy skin cells.

  • French Red Narcissus flower revitalizes skin’s collagen and elastin production .

  • French White Lupine Seed contains pharmaceutical grade lupeol, remodeling the dermis with stronger, high-quality collagen.

  • French Tuberose flower restores flexibility to glycated (cross-linked) collagen fibers for suppler skin.

  • Columbian Gardenia flower protects collagen & elastin fibers from UV damage.

  • Indian Amla fruit, nature’s most potent antioxidant with high doses of vitamin C and E, thickens skin’s density as it tones and tightens.

  • Indian Babchi seed, contains bakuchiol, the natural alternative to retinol that can be used both day and night. Boosts collagen I, III, and IV to restore youthful, elastic skin.


    *¹Phyllanthus Emblica (INDIAN AMLA BERRY) Fruit & Seed Oil, *¹Camellia Oleifera (JAPANESE WHITE CAMELLIA FLOWER) Seed Oil,  ‡Crambe Abyssinica (CANADIAN ABYSSINIAN FLOWER) Seed Oil, *∞Lupinus Albus (FRENCH WHITE LUPINE FLOWER) Seed Extract, *∞Passiflora Edulis (PERUVIAN PASSION FLOWER) Seed Extract, *∈Gardenia Jasminoides (COLUMBIAN GARDENIA FLOWER) Flower Oil, *§²Polianthes Tuberosa (FRENCH TUBEROSE FLOWER) Absolute, *§²Narcissus Poeticus (FRENCH NARCISSUS DES PLAINES FLOWER) Absolute, ‡¹ Aquilaria Malaccensis (THAI AGARWOOD) Oud Resin, *§Jasminum Grandiflorum (INDIAN JASMINE BLOSSOM) Absolute, ‡Santalum Album (INDIAN MYSORE SANDALWOOD) Heart Wood Oil, ¥Michelia X Alba Dc. Syn Magnolia X Alba (THAI MAGNOLIA BLOSSOM) Flower Oil, ‡Warburgia Ugandensis (KENYAN GREENHEART WOOD) Heart Wood Oil, *¹Cananga Odorata (MADAGASCAN YLANG YLANG FLOWER) Flower Oil, *^³Lithospermum erythrorhizon (CHINESE GROMWELL) Root Extract, *∞²Psoralea Corylifolia (INDIAN BABCHI SEED) Bakuchiol Extract, ¥^Abelmoschus Moschatus Syn Hibiscus Abelmoschus (INDIAN AMBRETTE FLOWER) Seed Extract, ¥²Iris Germanica (FRENCH ORRIS FLOWER) Root Butter.


    *Organic ‡Wildcrafted ¥Ethically Farmed ^CO2 Extraction ∞Molecular Distillation, Enfleurage §Organic Solvent ¹First Pressing/Distillation ²Extraction in Grasse, France, ³Extraction in Germany


    The Elixir Oud Ritual:

    1. After cleansing, massage onto face and neck with circular movements to awaken skin’s radiance.

    2. Cup hands over nose and breathe deeply to elevate one’s mood and emotion.

    3. Distribute remaining elixir throughout hair and on pulse points for an energized influence.

    The Elixir Oud Effect:

    • The luscious cherry floral of Collonges-la-Rouge bouquets the senses with joy, enticing one’s high spirits and delight.

    After use, wipe neck of bottle and close lid tightly, then store in a dark and cool place.