Orangerie Artisanal French Fragrance Candle


Have you slumbered in an orange grove, bathed in bloom? The air you inhale, a perfume's quintessence loom. Its powerful and sweet essence, a savory delight, Immerses, impregnates, intoxicates, a dreamy flight.

Atop this fragrance, petitgrain and clove unite, A sparkling and bright note, invigorating with might. Senses awakened, energy stirred in your core, A refreshing embrace, vitality's encore.

In the heart, orange flower and rose take the lead, Enchanting and delicate, a floral symphony indeed. Grounding and uplifting, romance and passion entwine, A bouquet that enchants, a love story divine.

Lastly, the soul unravels, honey's sweetness revealed, A luscious indulgence, sensuality unconcealed. A warm and enticing base, comforting and true, A tender embrace, lasting allure it imbues.

Slumber in this fragrance, let its embrace surround, As orange grove's dreamy languor does astound. Awakened senses, a sensory journey untold, In the essence's embrace, tranquility enfolded.