Oud Celestial Artisanal French - Fragrance Candle


Indulge in the allure of Oud Celestial's charm, A sensory banquet, casting a calming balm. "Oriental-woody", "soft fruity-floral" unite, An olfactory symphony, taking its splendid flight.

Oud, a prized scent of esteem and grace, Across time and culture, it holds its place. From ancient civilizations, its echoes ring, A fragrant treasure, history's precious offering.

Oud Celestial, a timeless scent, refined and grand, An echo of tradition, subtly bold and grand. A fragrance that captivates, ensnares the mind, A layered journey, a treasure to find.

Whispers of sweet and savory, in its folds they lay, Unfolding enchantments with each passing day. To those who seek natural beauty's embrace, Oud Celestial, a fragrance of sophisticated grace.