Remarkable People | Eau de Parfum


Etat Libre d’Orange sees all of you outliers.  You are glowing constellations drawn together by rare insight and heroism. You’re the ones who lance out on untold adventures, who spin gold from harrowing circumstances. Whether your choices have led you to a public forum of self expression or you’ve traveled in silence and prefer to remain off the radar, one thing is certain:  Etat Libre d’Orange, conceives of its uncompromisingly unique and exceptional fragrances with your trajectory in mind. You are Remarkable People! 

  • Top Notes : Grapefruit, Champagne, Cardamon
  • Middle Notes : Jasmine, Curry Tree, Black pepper
  • Base Notes : Labdanum, Sandalwood, Lorenox
  • Created : 2015
  • Olfactive Family : Oriental & Spicy
  • Style : Unisex