Through The Roses Artisinal French - Fragrance Candle


The Wild Rose Dream, an ode in scent, begins, With lemon bright, peach sweet, clove's spice that lends A freshened dawn, invigorating, pure, Rejuvenating senses, the allure.

The heart, a floral waltz, enchanting, bold, In rose, jasmine, and violets unfold. With cinnamon's warm touch, a balance found, An elegant bouquet on earthen ground.

Deep in the soul, a tale of warmth is spun, With musk, tonka, and sandalwood begun. A comfort, rich and lasting, does pervade, Leaving memories that do not fade.

This layered scent, sophistication's key, Embodies natural beauty, wild and free. Luxurious, captivating to the core, Transports to olfactory's seashore.

An elegant and timeless tapestry, Unraveled in a scent's sweet mystery. To walk amidst wild roses, sun-drenched dream, Immersed in the essence of a sunbeam.